Airstream camping

One of the best things about Airbnb is that it gives users the ability to try something out that may be quite unique. I’ve been searching through the web and keep finding myself dreaming about an Airstream. Having never seen an Airstream up close or been able to compare one directly with other campers it made sense to just try one out without any requirements for towing it to a campsite. Our Airbnb hosts in Santa Barbara, CA had the campsite set up in their side yard and all we needed to do was get into the camping spirit. Our hosts Shannon and Gary were superb. They provided the privacy we had hoped for, but also interacted with us just enough to get connected. I think that is really the fine line for any Airbnb host to balance between making connections with the client and the client’s need for privacy.

The Airstream we stayed in was a 23D with Ocean Breeze décor. It was set up nicely for our camping experience and proved to be extremely comfortable. It was easy to maneuver around and came equipped with all the necessities of home. The only problem with the experience is that I can’t get Airstream out of my head. We have since been to an Airstream dealer and reviewed a wide variety of sizes and layouts and even took the Airstream Factory Tour. I think I may be getting a bit carried away with the whole scenario. It will probably be another few years before we are ready to step into RV life for extended vacations but for now it is an enjoyable diversion.

I keep questioning the lure of Airstream. Are they really as good as people say? Is it going to be worth the extra cost of an Airstream? There are so many questions and it is difficult to separate the reality from the perception. I think there are many issues that will need to be addressed as Suzy and I decide upon RV ownership. We currently do not have a vehicle that can tow any Airstream but we could possibly tow a small pop-up. We did the pop-up when the kids were younger but as we age, the need for a few more amenities of home certainly takes some precedence. Do we want to go the least expensive route possible or do we want to indulge ourselves with a “glamping” experience?

I’ll return to a few more details of our California adventure in future posts.

Until then, keep building your adventures!airstream

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