Roo to you!

When I started planning this year’s vacation I wanted it to encompass more than just places. I wanted this vacation to be about the people Suzy and I meet along the way. I thought a music festival would be a possibility. I had heard about the camping opportunities at some of these events and read some blog posts about the friendships formed during the festivals. We live in the Midwest so I wanted it to be nearby so we could try out an RV lifestyle. I had planned to rent an RV for a few weeks and combine the vacation with relaxed camping environments along with the energy of a music festival. I narrowed down our search for festivals to Electric Forest in Rothbury, Michigan and Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee.

Suzy and I watched performances from past festivals, we watched videos from a variety of bloggers about their experiences, and read the information presented by each of the venues. We decided that Bonnaroo would be our best choice for our first music festival. We will probably make it to Electric Forest in the near future since we do enjoy the electronic music. We have actually had two raves on our property that were overnight events, but that is another story. Our tickets are purchased, camping locations planned for before and after the festival, and we are listening to the lineup playlists on Spotify and Pandora anxiously waiting for our first music festival.

Sometimes journeys take you in places you don’t always expect. After doing some research about renting an RV the cost seemed unreasonable. There are a few additional options for RV rentals beyond RV dealers or national RV rental organizations. Outdoorsy seemed like a likely option as prices were nearly half the price of RV dealers. Individuals rent out their RVs during times that they are not being used by the owner of the RV. I was discouraged by Outdoorsy when three of the RVs I thought might work were also found on RV Trader for sale. My questions to the owners about the likelihood that these RVs would still be for rent in June went unanswered. Buying a used RV was our other option and it happened just before the new year. Our new RV, Stevie (named for Stevie Nicks) was born.

So we are now RVers. Stevie is getting new tires, her fluid changes are planned, she’ll be shined up and ready for our first outing, and all the extra parts and pieces associated with RVing are slowly being purchased. There is a wide array of RV lifestyle and do-it-yourself information out there on the web and YouTube that Suzy and I have been using to decide on our RV, prepare for some of the maintenance, and try to not make too many mistakes on our first outings. Some of the most helpful information has come from RV with Tito, RV Geeks, Gone with the Wynns, Less Junk < More Journey, RV Love, and Drivin’ and Vibin’. I’m sure there are many more that I’m missing, but these seem to be our favorites for now.

A short shake-down trip is planned for late March to better understand what we need before our major trip. There may even be a few more long weekends before our two-week adventure in June. All this seems pretty tame compared to many who are living in their RV full-time, but it is still an adventure-our adventure.

Journeys have to begin somewhere. Until next time, start your own journey.


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  1. David, so glad you’ve started telling your readers about Stevie (she’s a beauty!) and your upcoming trips. Looking forward to more stories about your travels!

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