Almost Spring!

You know Spring is getting closer when the Indianapolis Boat, Sport and Travel Show is the highlight of the week. We have been going to the show for many years. Each year we walked through what felt like hundreds of RVs, dreaming of the day we would be able to afford one or even have the time to make an RV worthwhile. Not really sure either of those things have occurred, but we are moving forward with our dream.

Three very different things occurred this year. First, we were very specific about the vehicles we walked through. Almost all were class A, B or C homes. We stepped into a few 5th wheels and trailers but kept a focus on driveable RVs since we just don’t have a vehicle to tow with and don’t have any plans to move in that direction. In addition, we didn’t even bother with the boat show section of the show which is unusual for us. The second difference was that as we walked through the travel portion of the show we were keyed in on locations we could take our RV within a reasonable drive. We gathered information on Michigan, Ohio and Illinois and of course travel information on Indiana. The third, and most important difference was my focus on others that were attending the show. The glimpses of families together with a dream of spending time together or hearing snippets of conversations about plans for a future vacation was what intrigued me most.

Journeys begin with a dream or at least that initial thought about the future. It was so satisfying to see the thousands of people visiting the show that have a dream. A very small number of those individuals will be buying an RV this year but it is up to the industry to keep those dreams alive. Buying that RV is not as impulsive a decision as many would like you to believe. The dream has to be fostered with positive images of the family together around a fire, or perhaps just the idea of two glasses of wine poured while waiting for the sunset beside the camper. Regardless of what that dream looks like, it has to exist just waiting for that final decision to begin an RV lifestyle.

My first experience in an RV was at about 10 years old with my oldest brother in his VW Westfalia camper watching the races at Road America in Elkhart, Wisconsin. He always said that his VW was the best tent he ever owned as well as the worst vehicle he ever owned. Those first memories of camping in an RV were so amazing that they stayed with me for years. I didn’t think much about the negative aspects of owning that RV because I was able to experience the joy without the pressures. Being stranded on the side of the road was an adventure, not a problem. I’m guessing at 10 years old everything is an adventure. My dreams of RVing began with some very positive experiences.

Start dreaming so you can begin your journey!


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