Ready…or Not?

Imagine that first hot day of Spring day walking along the beach at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. The sun is warming the sand as the day progresses. Walking in your bare feet, the heat from the sand is evident with each step. The breeze that drifts across you is a mixture of the sand’s warmth and the cool, moist air from Lake Michigan. The day heats up and the desire to get into the water is building. You know the frigid cold of winter still holds its grip on the water, but the temptation to cool off is calling. Perhaps just a step or two into the water will be enough to curb your impulse. That wasn’t too bad, but are you ready to take the plunge?


Journeys have that same ability to lure you in like the Sirens’ song. Filtering through the noise helps to clarify your vision and maintain a path to reach your desired goal. Planning the journey may bring a sense of accomplishment and joy but in reality, many times we reach a destination and have to trace our way back through the journey to figure out how or why we ended up where we did. Sometimes tracing our path becomes the journey.

What journey will you take, what journey are you on?

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