Progress toward our first trip

It feels so refreshing when you start to make progress toward your goal. Over the weekend we started to add our personal touches to Stevie as we realized that our first trip is less than a month away. Stevie received a deep cleaning of her interior and some new parts and pieces along the way. The old pink bedspread was stuck back in the 90’s and we needed to freshen up her looks. The muted gray bedspread was just a simple update along with the new foam mattress cover, sheets and blanket. Those little changes were enough to motivate us to keep the updates moving.

The process of replacing her interior lights with new LED lights was a minor upgrade, but the added time on the battery when we are not plugged in will be appreciated. Those light upgrades led to our first issue to repair. Two of the wall sconces have switches that are not currently working. After tracing down the power and finding that we have current going to the light, we realized the switch itself is the problem. Nothing a few minutes on Amazon won’t fix. We found the parts we needed, ordered them and will repair once the parts arrive.

The big ticket item for the day was the two new batteries for the RV interior. New batteries had been installed by the previous owner but those batteries required ventilation and our house batteries are in the RV with no way to ventilate so sealed AGM batteries were purchased and installed. The two batteries that were replaced were put to good use as chassis batteries to replace the eight year old batteries that were struggling to maintain a charge. A simple solar battery trickle charger was installed for the chassis battery to help maintain them. No solar yet for the house batteries, but after a few trips we may move in that direction.

We did quite a bit of work to refresh and update and that effort will continue in the upcoming weeks. Progress keeps us motivated to keep on planning for our journey. It is going to take a few warmer days to tackle the outside of Stevie, but a deep clean and wax is in her future.

When will you begin your journey?


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