Everything is Awesome!

Regardless of how much planning goes into a trip, there is one thing you can’t control…the weather. This weekend is supposed to be our maiden voyage in Stevie but the weather just seems to be a sticking point at this time. We are closely watching the weather and trying to decide what we will do. We keep working on getting supplies into the RV in preparation and are currently planning our meals for the trip but we may have to delay. The biggest threat is the snow that appears to not want to give up. We aren’t too concerned about a few low temperatures because we think we can handle the overnight lows by running the propane heater. The back heater should be able to keep the basement warm enough to protect the water pipes in the bus and we may have to run a generator with a small ceramic heater in basement if the temps get too cold. This will be a real test of our boondocking capabilities since we are camping in the Hoosier National Forest with no electric currently available in the campground.

Without a tow vehicle, we will have limited opportunities to visit town so we need to bring some work along with us to keep us busy. We are planning to make some adjustments to the interior and I may work a little on the outside of the bus caulking a few minor gaps. We are anxious to get out on the trails and explore if the weather cooperates. We will probably have a few books to read just in case the rain never stops. Relaxation appears to be a major focus for this short trip.

So as we think about the journeys we take in our lives, not everything is perfect. There are always going to be rough roads, struggles, issues, and adjustments. Those situations that occur just become a part of the adventure. If you only focus on the problems along the way, you will gain little enjoyment on your journey. But when you look back and see how you overcame the struggles and take pride in your accomplishments, the journey becomes a part of your life that can bring you strength. You will come to learn the adversities we have overcome and the strength we gained as you continue to follow us on our journey. Everything is not perfect, but everything is awesome when you live in the moment.

Let the journey begin!


Drawing courtesy of Amanda Good

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