We planned to leave for our first excursion with Stevie on Saturday but 6 inches of snow put a bit of a damper on that plan. Worked Sunday morning with the snow melting, hoping to get out by late afternoon. A few minutes from planning to move the bus to a location closer to water I received a text that my 92 your old father was being rushed to the hospital. Plans to leave on Sunday were being put on hold until his situation was evaluated. I kept a positive outlook and waited to hear the prognosis. He was being held over night for evaluation so a trip was out of the question. He was probably going to be released on Monday so I volunteered to be there with him to get him home. Thankfully on Monday the doctor chose to release him after all his tests were complete. Best thing to know about this whole situation is that getting old just sucks. Stuff happens, time passes, tests are run, and then you get a bill in the mail for thousands of dollars and have no idea what was wrong, other than getting old. Best thing, he lived to enjoy another day.

So let’s move on to Tuesday, because that is the day that we took Stevie for her first adventure with us. The plan was to get out by 10 AM to start heading to Southern Indiana. Everything seemed to take longer than expected. Flushing the water lines and filling the water tank seemed to take forever. Living with a well, trying to fill up 100 gallons of water quickly is not an option. And having to do it twice to clear the lines by chlorinating the tank to get rid of who knows how many years of crud seemed to take forever. And lets not forget moving the vehicle to a location closer to water meant backing it into the main drive way. A mailbox almost perished in the incident as did the house. I certainly need to figure out how that back up camera really works. Ending about 12 inches from the house was better than no inches but a bit too close for comfort.

At 10:09 my wife let me know that I was only 9 minutes over my planned exit. She doesn’t worry about those types of issues, but I do. We did leave soon after that and headed to an LP fill station because we will be boondocking and I wanted to make sure we had enough propane to get through the week. The only problem, when we tried to fill up the tank which was showing about 1/2 filled on our gauge, we could not get any propane into the tank. Thirty minutes waisted trying to figure it out before I just realized that camping until the LP was gone was better than getting frustrated by the situation. We embarked on our trip and all was well with the world.

We arrived in Bedford to pick up the Access Pass also known as The National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass from the Hoosier National Forest Office. When we walked in I told the ranger that we were there to pick up an Access Pass and we had paperwork from Suzy’s doctor but I forgot to fill out the online forms. The response was so natural from the ranger, “Well of course you need an Access Pass, I don’t need any paperwork to see that.” The Access Pass is for individuals with a permanent disability. I guess that is pretty evident for Suzy.

We made it to Hardin Ridge, camping in the only loop available and we are enjoying a very rainy day. The view over the ridge, down into the valley is just beautiful. Hoping we can enjoy a bit more of the day tomorrow without rain.

The issues that affected our plans melted away after we arrived. Journeys aren’t always perfect, not everything can be planned or anticipated, but enjoying the journey and making it a tremendous experience is the most important part of life.

Plan your journey, start your journey, don’t let life get in the way!

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  1. I was wondering how things were going this week. Sorry to read about your dad. I hope he is doing better. The selfie of you and Suzy is a framer! 🙂

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