What’s ROO?

The official Bonnaroo schedule is out and the excitement is building as time passes along. I hate to wish my life away, but I am anxious to experience the ROO. We’re still in the “Prepare Thy Self” portion of the Bonnaroovian Code. The planned short trips in Stevie are just part of that preparation. Those weekend trips will continue monthly to work out any of the issues we may have on our journey to Tennessee. Luckily we have found and corrected a few issues along the way. Most recently we fixed the airbag leveling system that caused the bus to lean a bit too much. We’ll review that at a later date, but suffice to say that a simple $20 part and a few hours of labor fixed what was expected to be a major expense.

We’ve read through the information regarding what to bring and started to prepare. Can’t wait to wear my new VIBEDRATION pack. I did update it just a bit to better reflect my favorite podcast, WTF with Marc Maron. BoomerThe patch “Boomer lives!” was added to the pack so don’t expect to find that anywhere else. We were hoping that Marc Maron would make the list of comedians as he did a few years ago, but we may have to save a show with him to another destination for our future.

There is one portion of the Bonnaroovian Code that has a fast hold on those that work for Bonnaroo. “Stay True ROO” is definitely a part of life in Manchester, TN. A few months ago I contacted Bonnaroo regarding access for those with a physical handicap. I just needed to know the best options for us. I was absolutely amazed at how helpful everyone was, especially Laura who serves as a Bonnaroo Access Consultant. The care and concern that Laura showed along the way as we emailed each other was amazing. She even has our phone numbers in case they need to adjust our location at the last minute. Her last email ended, “Happy to help make a better experience.” Thanks to everyone at Bonnaroo for staying true to ROO! Your care and concern for all those that come through the gates is the starting point for expanding the Bonnaroovian Code for a new generation.

Keep dreaming, keep planning, and start your journey today!

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