Holy cow! It happened again

I think I’m going to need to start using a pencil for all our plans. The arrangements for our first excursion were just a bit messed up with the March snow and a quick trip to the hospital for my father, which delayed our trip by a few more days after the snow melted. We were able to enjoy a quick vacation in the Hoosier National Forest, just not according to our original plans. Our second planned trip was going to be our first trip with a camping group to Raccoon Lake State Recreation Area. Just a few days before our planned excursion, my father ended up in the hospital again. With surgery planned for just before the weekend, camping would not be possible. So here we are again, readjusting our plans. We did have a great opportunity to get the family together and visit, once we knew the surgery went well. In fact, a quick trip with the family to Three Floyds Brewing Company Brewpub was a welcome relief from the stresses of the day.

We are planning a trip to Prophetstown State Park, one of Indiana’s newest State Parks (and we’re not telling my father-just in case he had alternate plans). This will be our first time camping there, but it will also be our first time bringing our grandson along for the weekend. His first camping trip with us, so it will be interesting to see how we do with another passenger. I’m sure it won’t be our last trip to Prophetstown since this location has an aquatic center that boasts a 30-foot tube slide that someone is certain to love. A bit too early in the season to enjoy the water, but I’m guessing we will be back. Looking at the layout of the park on Google maps, it appears there is also a very nice playground near the campground. I’m looking forward to getting out again and testing out our newest repairs on Stevie.

Regarding those repairs, on our way home from the last trip we encountered a lean midway through the trip, with the back driver’s side unable to inflate the air suspension. We limped home, but took it the next week to our favorite repair shop, Hanthorn Trucking & Repair. As usual we were expecting the worst, but we got a pleasant surprise when Mike was able to repair the leveling system. It appears a few small rubber pieces had failed so the leveling system was not inflating the air suspension. No major costs, just some time and effort under the bus. Let’s hope that there aren’t any other surprises after this weekend’s trip.

Life gets in the way of the journey from time to time and a detour is sometimes necessary. Don’t stop dreaming, don’t stop planning, and keep working to define your next journey. Just remember to use a pencil when you are making those plans!


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