A Tangled Web

When you make a decision, is it for you or the people around you? The web of individuals in our life have such an impact on every decision we make. Our family, friends, coworkers, and acquaintances all influence the life we lead and the journeys we experience. I wonder how many people never take the opportunity to adventure beyond the confines of others’ journeys. You may still be on a journey, just not one that you have chosen. We are all experiencing an interconnected and tangled web of journeys and adventures throughout our life. Some of those journeys are our own, while other times we are merely cast members in another’s journey.

At what point do you break away from your role in another’s journey to focus on your own? So often we get tied up in the events around us that we fail to step back and identify our own journey. We allow others to manage our day; our path; our direction. Others could be people in our lives, the job that we have, or even the responsibilities we impose upon ourselves. Evaluating that influence and developing a plan is the first step to taking ownership of the life you lead.

There are many things that may stand in the way of just stepping out onto your own journey and those things that hold us back must be evaluated with respect to their importance in your life. It is important to work together with a spouse or loved one to ensure that your journeys are integrated. That you both have some of the same desires in your journeys and you can both fulfill major portions of your journeys together. There is not one journey for the couple, rather there are two journeys that are integrated together so that each partner can fulfill their journey. It may be a very similar situation for family or friends. Each individual must take responsibility for their own journey while making efforts to identify methods to integrate those journeys together. There must be a cooperation and understanding on the part of all individuals to allow that integration to take place. Don’t be the person that manipulates others along their journey and don’t be the person that allows others to define your journey.

Know, understand, and take responsibility for the journeys you are on and allow the integration with others to enhance your life rather than run it.

Define your dreams and build your journeys!

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