Two Choices…

This week I have two choices in what to write about, the first is positive and second is stressful. I can start by writing about excitement of knowing that the final payment for Bonnaroo has been made and tickets should be arriving in the next few weeks. That is where I want my head to be, but the stressful part of life keeps rearing its ugly head. This week I had the opportunity to push my skill set and plan and prepare a move of technology for a corporate office to a new location. That meant planning a move of servers, switches, wireless access points and all other technology related items. That move required changing internet carriers and moving all servers off site. We left Friday with everyone able to access the network and returned Monday with access to the network still available, even if it was via VPN for a day. By Tuesday Wifi access was restored in the new office location and today network cabling to desktops will be complete. So the stressful part of this past week is beginning to calm down.

So the two choices I had really started with the level of planning required to make the move complete. Planning is what kept the stress level manageable and helped make the move successful. There are still a lot of things to do, but the major parts of the technology move are complete. It was a great team of individuals that worked together to make the move successful.

As you plan your journey, prepare for the major issues, be willing to work through problems, and keep moving in a positive direction. Project management is not just a work thing, it’s a part of life. Start planning your next adventure!

Sorry so short this week, but it was just a little hectic. Don’t forget to follow us.

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