Excitement builds!

Bonnaroo package just arrived and the excitement is building. Inside each of the fanny packs was our wristband and bandanna along with all the assorted entry passes and receipts. Just two weeks away for Bonnaroo, but our trip actually starts in just over one week. Meal planning, shopping, clothing choices and packing are all just a part of these last minute details. Along with all this final planning, there is some concern about how we will fit in to the festival scene.

Do you fit in, or stand out? I think that is a question everyone has to address in so many aspects of life. Do your clothing and appearance project to others who you really are? Will you look like the sea of individuals that you are joining together with or will you stand out in some way? Do you change your appearance to blend in or do you wear what you always wear? Does the group affect your behavior or do you continue to stand by your beliefs? All of these questions really relate to the herd mentality that we encounter in groups with whom we want to associate. This herd mentality can affect our clothing choices and even our behaviors. Perhaps that is why Bonnaroo has been so clear about following the Bonnaroovian Code. Prepare Thyself, Play as a Team, Radiate Positivity, Respect the Farm, Don’t Be That Guy/Gal, and Stay True Roo are the key points of the code. Perhaps joining together we can all improve and perhaps live by the code even after the Bonnaroo adventure.

Perhaps Popeye the Sailor got it wrong when he said, “I yam what I yam and tha’s all what I yam.”  I guess he never went to Bonnaroo.

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