Last chance!

At the end of this day we will officially be beyond the two-day shipping window for most Amazon products. That means if we don’t have it when we leave, we will live without it. What it really means is that our vacation is quickly approaching. The excitement is building, the camper is getting packed, and all the last minute checks of equipment will be made in the next few days. Quite a few upgrades and maintenance items were completed over the past weekend. All we can do now is hope that the planning pays off, and the equipment runs smoothly. Stevie is clean and shiny and ready for the road.

Vacations are always hectic as we plan to get out the door. All those last minute situations that need to be addressed can increase the anxiety level. So, the first part of our vacation will be filled with quiet and nature. A stop in Southern Indiana at Clifty Falls State Park, followed by a drive down to Kentucky’s Lake Cumberland area to General Burnside State Park. That is where the calm ends and the energy begins. We will be in line on Wednesday for Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee. Five nights of intensity  will surround us.  We have our general game plan for the performers that we must see, and we are ready to just experience the energy of Bonnaroo. After all the excitement, we will be ready for the last part of our vacation which brings us back to serenity in and around Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky at Hillman Ferry Campground and then on to Nolan Lake State Park, Kentucky before heading back home. This vacation was written and hopefully is performed like a fine piece of classical music, luring us in with the development of interwoven instruments, then suddenly building to a crescendo with all its power, only to be followed by the diminuendo designed to return us to a calm.

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