Free camping!

We were scheduled to return from vacation on Saturday with a six hour drive scheduled from our last campground. In a desperate effort to not return to reality too soon, we decided to spend an extra night. The campground we were in was booked solid for Saturday night so we planned ahead and made some other arrangements. We joined Harvest Hosts and it was a great decision. We broke up our drive home and selected a winery to stay at named Chateau de Pique and we had such a good time. We messaged them ahead a few days to make sure it was possible to spend the night, and were happy to hear that we would be able to stay on their property for Saturday night. We arrived at 5 PM and spent a few hours doing a tasting and cheese pairing that was excellent. Our tasting was complimented with amazing conversation with Buffy, our wine expert.

We were able to stay on the upper parking area, overlooking 80 acres of rolling vineyard. We watched the sunset over the vineyard and relaxed on their deck as the day cooled. When they closed for the evening, the gates were locked and we were all alone on the 80 acres. What a relaxing way to end our vacation. It was like living in our own vineyard.

Harvest Hosts is a very affordable yearly membership to have access to a map with hundreds of wineries, distilleries, farms, and attractions around the country that allow boondocking or dry-camping on their property for one night stays. The yearly membership is much less than the cost of one or two nights in a campground. We can’t wait to try out a few more locations in the coming months.

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