Don’t lose the vibe…

Bonnaroo 2018 was an amazing adventure, and keeping that positive vibe going is difficult. What a change a few days and a few hundred miles from Bonnaroo can make! Suzy went to the store after returning from vacation and the first person she encountered was a cashier that had clearly lost his sense of support for the customer. His disdain for his job was clearly evident. Radiate positivity was not on his list of accomplishments for the day and most likely not a skill on his resume. The sad part of this is that as we went through the week we continued to encounter more and more individuals that were struggling to maintain positive attitudes. Nevertheless, we continued to try to stay true ROO and bring our positive energy to others.

We quickly began planning our next adventure, because it was clear that Stevie the bus could take us back to our BonnaROOTS. We’ll be spending the 4th of July holiday at Prophetstown State Park. We just pulled into our camping spot and started to hook up the bus. As we connected to electrical, we must have looked a little lost to anyone going by because we were taking the process step by step to make sure Suzy saw how to do everything to set up camp. I was showing Suzy how to do each part of the setup, stepping through the process of connecting to electrical when the most amazing thing happened. A young man on a bike rode by and slowed down and said, “Is everything ok, can I help you with anything?” We clearly looked like we needed help! It was fantastic to be back to a place where people want to play as a team, as this individual was clearly ready to help in any way if we had an issue. That Bonnaroo spirit does exist outside the farm. We just need to focus on the positive, rather than let the negative impact us so deeply.

So what’s next for us to keep that positive Bonnaroo vibe? We had such a great experience, we just sent an email to try to get onto the Access Team at Bonnaroo for 2019. We want to give back to farm so we can provide the same positive experience we had to others. We will be back to Bonnaroo because we are going to have to recharge our souls to continue to radiate positivity. In the meantime, Stevie will continue to take us on adventures throughout the year. Who knows, we may just be living full time on the road at some point. Moving from one music festival to another. One thing is for sure, Bonnaroo will always be on our agenda.

We wish everyone a happy 4th of July and hope you are spending time with family and friends. Just remember to be the positive spirit at all your gatherings. You can change lives by continuing to radiate positivity in everything you do. Be the change that your world needs.

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