Every last drop…

The daily routines of life can be quite comforting in many ways. Even the the trip to work, the monotony of the daily grind at work, and our evening routines can all provide a level of comfort that lulls us into complacency. Routines are comfortable and help us maintain a safe, cozy feeling within our life. But routines can also cause us to stop looking for experiences outside our comfort zone. What does it take to get every last drop out of life? Seeking adventures and designing new journeys that take us to unique and different locations, experiencing new cultures, and trying unfamiliar activities all provide an opportunity to expand our journey through life.

I want to get everything possible out of life as soon as possible because you never know just how much more of your life is in front of you. I was always a collector of things, but the enjoyment received by those things has a limited duration of providing enjoyment. I’m trying to move into the realm of becoming a collector of experiences. It seems that when you collect experiences, those activities stay with you for a much longer time. And as a collector of experiences, others get to take more satisfaction in the activity. It’s the difference of taking a selfie versus taking a picture with a group of individuals sharing a common experience. Which will bring more people greater joy? Most likely the group picture, because the memories formed through the interaction with others are more likely to have stronger ties to your memories and the memories of others. When it comes to the selfie, sorry, but no one really knows the pain you went through to get those fish lips just right for your picture.

Are you ready to get every last drop out of life? Start your own journey and explore the world around you.

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