Green…and other untruths

I sat on the porch last night just looking out toward the woods. Green for as far as I could see. But then I started to really look at the details, the various shades of green from each of the different trees in front of me. The variations in color became more and more evident the longer I looked. The glistening light would occasionally spotlight an area and the colors would change ever so slightly. Each movement of the trees by the mild breeze brought even more variations in color. With a quick glance, I would have said I was looking at green trees…but it is exploring the details that proves how untrue that really is.

So often in life, we take a quick look at something and draw a conclusion, but it is not until we examine the details of what is in front of us that we can really see truth. When the neighbors of the accused killer are interviewed after a horrible incident, it is always the same response, he or she seemed like a normal person, nothing unusual about them. Those neighbors only take a quick glance at the individual across the street and everything seems normal, they drive a car, they wave occasionally, they pick up their mail from the mailbox and all the other normal parts of life that are apparent from a neighbor’s glance. So seldom in life do we actually take the time to look at the details and see the true picture.

Let’s step into the world of YouTube. We watch those videos and think wouldn’t it be great if that were me. Perhaps it’s the car guy that is showing off his restored vehicle and we think, I’d like to do that. Or maybe the baking show that entices you to open your own cupcake shop because of course you can nail it! Or as in my case, the many full-time RVers that attract you to become a part of the RV gang. At first look all of those ideas may seem very  achievable, but it is not until we dive into the details and really access the reality in front of us that we begin to see all the shades of green.

So let’s take off our blinders and open our eyes wide to see what is really in front of us on each and every journey we take. Life is a journey and you need to keep your eyes open to successfully traverse through all that is around us.

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