Our Legacy

The men and women that toiled countless hours manufacturing the Model J Duesenbergs probably never consider the legacy of building what was advertised as “The World’s Finest Motor Car.” Today, over 75 percent of the original Model J Duesenbergs ever built are still roadworthy. And that says quite a bit for the development, design, and manufacturing of those amazing automobiles. When you walk through the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum, you can see the fine craftsmanship that makes those cars so special. The advancements in technology incorporated into each of the models are things we still see today such as front wheel drive, hidden headlights, T-tops, and supercharging to name just a few.

Walking by each of the cars displayed at the museum provides a glimpse of our history and the legacy left behind by the designers such at Gordon Buehrig and Alan H. Leamy Jr. as well as all the individuals that manufactured these fine automobiles. It is easy to see why the Duesenberg Model J quickly became the status symbol of the rich and famous. It is most likely that all of the individuals that worked on those automobiles never expected the notoriety that would come so many years after the last autos were produced in 1937.

Whether you work in a factory or an office, you produce some sort of a product. It may be a physical product, it could be sales, or it could be thoughts and ideas that are produced. Regardless of what you produce in your job or in your life, will you leave a legacy that will live on well beyond your time on earth?

As we journey through life, we have to begin to think how our journey can leave a legacy for others.

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