Our journeys in life are defined by our belief systems. Like it or not, we most often make decisions in life based upon deeply held beliefs. Those beliefs are formed by our interactions with others. It may begin with your parents, as you start to identify their beliefs through their words and actions. In many cases, those core beliefs that were implanted in us through our youth continue with us throughout life. In some cases, individuals move away from those initial beliefs due to other influences. Perhaps your extended family or early childhood friends begin to impart their belief system on you and it is either incorporated into your current beliefs or completely replaces that initial belief system. As we age, coworkers or perhaps a partner will influence our beliefs. It would appear that for many of us our belief system is ever changing, being refined, altered, or modified in some way throughout our lives.

We all have a belief system, but making it public is another story. Many times individuals in a crowd expressing their beliefs loudly and sometimes violently as a group return to home or work with their family, friends or coworkers unaware of their true beliefs. More often they are draped in a cloak of obscurity as they express themselves on the internet. Do you really know the people around you and what they believe? It is rare that we see individuals who wear their convictions openly unless they are around others with the same belief system.

As you journey through life, are you willing to show others what you really believe?

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One thought on “Convictions…

  1. This is very true! My friends and I have the same thought process and belief; that is why we get along. However, whenever we add a new member to the circle we can clearly see the difference in our thought process and belief. Not to say what others believe is bad…different is needed for growth. To answer your question, yes I do not mind expressing my belief.

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