Pushing the limits!

We all push the limits in a variety of ways throughout our life. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we don’t. It starts off so early in our life. It may be those early efforts at taking that first step that we celebrate and encourage as our child grows. So many failed efforts at that first step are focused on as we see our child’s balance being discovered, the simple reach for an object just slightly out of grasp, and then finally those first steps. Steps that move our child through to independence. It seems to continue to happen throughout our child’s youth in so many ways. Perhaps the struggle of riding a bicycle on two wheels, or walking into a classroom all alone. Throughout our child’s life we celebrate our children pushing the limits.

As individuals we move through our early life, always seeming to push the limits of our ability. Pushing ourselves further to learn more, try something new, and take a few chances. But all that seems to slow down as we move through life. Our steps become more cautious, we slow down, and we become complacent, accepting what the world has brought us rather than pushing for more. Most often we don’t even realize it is occurring.

This past weekend I found myself facing a major bus repair. I researched the parts I would need and had them all ordered, but still was hesitant to take on the challenge. My own fears were keeping me from taking those first steps to make the repair. It took some self-reflection and a few hours on YouTube to research the repair, but I finally took the steps to gather my courage, crawl under that bus and start the repairs. Over the next few hours I rebuilt the entire air suspension leveling system at the rear of the bus. After nearly 4 hours under the bus, the repairs were accomplished successfully. The sense of pride that filled me was worth all the cuts, scratches, bangs and bruises I received. It is amazing what can be done when we push the limits and reach outside of our comfort zone.


Journeys provide the opportunity to keep pushing for more. Stop being satisfied with where you are, begin to explore the world, expose your skills and abilities to the world, or strive to become something you want to be. It is up to you to push your own limits. The journey starts now!

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