This past weekend we were planning to visit Bloomington, Indiana to attend a comedy show with my favorite comedian, Marc Maron at the Comedy Attic. Being Labor Day weekend we really didn’t have too many choices for camping because most of the campsites were filled up months before the performance date was released. I put our name on every list for camp parks and finally one lone electric site showed up days before the event. I quickly scheduled the site for the entire weekend without much thought to the location or details.

We arrived Friday evening and were greeted at the main gate. The normal conversation about having reservations, showing our Indiana State Park pass and the other usual entrance rituals that seem to happen at every state park occurred as usual…until the ranger realized that we did not have a trailer behind our camper so therefore did not have horses with us. Yes, we were registered for the Horseman Campground. I didn’t even think about it, I knew we could bring a horse if we wanted, but didn’t know we had to bring one. Every effort was made by the ranger to get us a site in the other campgrounds on the property, all to no avail. We were nearly refused access by this ranger. My mind was spinning as to where we would end up staying. Sure we could have cut our trip short and returned early, but that still left us Friday and Saturday night to find a place to stay. With a level of disdain in her voice, we were finally, begrudgingly allowed to enter the park. The ranger stated, “You’re just going to have to deal with these other campers when they realize you don’t have a horse.”

We slowly drove through the campground looking for our spot all the while seeing more horses in one place than I have ever seen in my life. There were hundreds of horses throughout the campground. We backed in, didn’t even put down the levelers or open the slide-out. I plugged the bus in and began a conversation with our neighbors immediately behind our site. Steve and Tina were two of the nicest individuals and when we we told them about our experience, all the while apologizing for not having horses they were so understanding. They had wondered who would get the site as their friend had just fallen ill and had to cancel their trip. We ended up staying in their site.

Since we had just booked the site we really didn’t do much investigation as to what we could do for the weekend, obviously. Once we arrived we started to look for things to beachdo. The only trails available around the site were horse trails so that was off limits. We did see a small lake with what looked like a beach. So Saturday we started our day with a mile and a half walk to the lake carrying our water and towels, looking forward to a cool dip in the lake. Unfortunately, that beach was a dam, and there was no swimming allowed anywhere on the lake. Just another planning failure!

That evening we planned to head out to dinner before the show. We currently don’t have a tow car so Stevie the Bus was our only means of transportation. We took a drive into Nashville, IN but were greeted on every street with “No RV Parking Allowed” signs. The public parking areas scattered around town also did not have options for RV parking. We moved on to Bloomington for dinner.

Our dinner at Samira’s was superb thanks to a Trip Advisor recommendation. Marc Maron’s performance was amazing and meeting him after the maronshow was quite exciting. So the whole weekend was not a bust. A lack of planning and lack of cell signal to do any additional planning was a definite drawback. It certainly was a learning experience on our journey.

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