Bad day…

Too many things went wrong today. It all started with hitting a deer on my ride to work and then just went downhill after that. I felt myself entering a dark vortex of negative thoughts. Waiting for a call from the insurance company forced my to have to answer every call that came into both our home phone and my cell phone. The worst part of that was realizing just how many calls come in on our home phone each day. We don’t use an answering machine (well technically I think there may be some sort of messaging system on the phone company side, but I’ve never used it and don’t even know how to or have any desire to access the messages) and normally don’t answer if we don’t know the phone number calling us. But yesterday I had the opportunity to answer every single one of those spam calls. It is truly depressing to realize that for the most part, my only connection to the outside world was a robocaller on the other end of a phone line.

I had to force myself to find some positive activities to do throughout the day. Waiting for a call is probably my least favorite activity so I needed to fill in the time. I put together a vlog on our installation of a cellular antenna booster that I completed last weekend. I tried to stay busy, but I can certainly see how some individuals have difficulty getting out of a negative cycle. Try to find some positive in your life and act upon that.

It’s going to be a better day tomorrow, just continue the journey while you look for positive in yourself and others.

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