The feeling of success!

Sometimes it is the simple things in life that can bring us the greatest sense of accomplishment. After a long, hard day of physical labor the reminder of your efforts can last long beyond the feeling of success. So let me share with you how my last few weekends were spent. As you may already know, we purchased our RV, Stevie the Bus a little less than a year ago. We knew she needed some work, and we have been trying to get issues fixed or adjusted after each of our trips. The one job that was hanging on was dealing with her fading and chalking fiberglass gel coat. I read so many different options it was just getting confusing.

Initially I started to look for the simple options which included using Zep high gloss floor wax to refresh the fiberglass. There were so many pros and cons about using that even after purchasing all the material, I just decided that it was not really a long term option. I had read some information on a product called RejeX. I tried it on the front of the bus where the fiberglass shell was in the best shape but applying by hand just didn’t give the shine I was looking for. I then took the next big step and moved on to purchasing a complete detailing kit from Chemical Guys with a variable speed polisher and a selection of polishing and finishing pads. I watched a number of YouTube videos from Chemical Guys on how to use the polisher and armed with my new knowledge I tackled the project.

It started with a full day of power washing and heavy duty cleaning of the exterior. RejeX Pro Wash and a lot of scrubbing started it off, but it moved to more intense cleaning with RejeX Xtreme Clean and hand scrubbing every bit of the bus. One entire day was spent just cleaning before any polish could be used. The next day I worked on one side of the bus just using Phase 5 Fiberglass Compound and Polish. Work was progressing but I just waxwasn’t pleased with the final results. I went back to using RejeX high gloss finish after using Phase 5. The shine was finally coming back! On the other side of the bus I just used the RejeX with an initial cutting pad then a polishing pad and was very happy with the end result. I also had watched a very interesting video from Chemical Guys regarding window cleaning. I could not believe the end result after using the process that was documented in the video. I’m thinking JetSeal on the entire front of the bus may be my next step.

So after two full weekends of work on the bus, the shine is finally starting to come back. My arms and back are finally recovering from the workout I received from the hours and hours of scrubbing and polishing. Who needs a gym membership when you have an RV to work on every weekend.

Our journey continues with a trip to Austin, TX next week for the Formula 1 Pirelli United States Grand Prix at Circuit of the Americas.

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