Remember, Be Here Now

Remember, be here now: These words are hard to live by, but so important as we journey through life. Our lives are so complicated and as we mature, more and more responsibilities are piled upon us. As a teenager we may think of the journey as where we will go to college or what we will do after high school, a bit later in life it may be involvement with a future life partner, then we are on to enhancing our careers until we begin to think of plans for retirement, or perhaps even plans for our death. Throughout the years we continue to search for more, looking only toward the future rather than the present. Family bonds may be lost along the way, as well as friendships and relationships as we continue our journey and leave others behind. Having plans for a future are certainly important, but staying planted in the here and now helps us maintain our sense of self and our connections to those who are so important to us.

Early in my life I was given a copy of Be Here Now written by Ram Dass. Perhaps that Beherenowcvrindividual that provided me the copy identified a need and saw this as an opportunity to set me onto the right path. And though I attempted throughout my life to live my life through the lessons of Be Here Now, I seem to have failed many times. Perhaps Ram Dass would have chalked that up to living since it is impossible to live without failing. Each time I find my life spinning out of control, or I find myself gripped by anxiety, or even reeling about the past, I reach back into my memory, picture the cover of this book and try desperately to bring myself back to the here and now. It is in the reality that is today that we can foster our friendships and relationships with others to support our future.

We are all living the journey and that journey has a past that we can learn from, a future that we can plan for, but it is in the here and now that the journey actually takes place. Live your journey by being present and remember, be here now.

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