Let the planning begin…

The end of the RV season is upon us. After over 8,000 miles of travel in 2018, Stevie the Bus is now officially in storage for the rest of the winter. Water lines were flushed, fuel and propane were topped off, and other than the monthly start of the engine and generator to keep things lubricated, Stevie won’t be going anywhere for a few months. I do wish we could follow 70 degree temperatures, but for now, we just need to take every opportunity to get away once the weather breaks in the Spring.

As sad as it may be to think that we won’t be traveling with Stevie for some time, the enjoyment of starting to plan our trips, as well as plan out any upgrades for the coming season seems just as exciting as the many vacations we take throughout the year. So first off, let’s think about what Stevie needs for the new year. A fresh oil change and quite a few filters, including oil, water, and air will be among the many purchases through the winter months. I’m probably going to tackle the belts this year since they are probably starting to age out rather than wear out. Finding all the grease points will also be a priority before the start of the year. For the most part, routine maintenance is all that is needed for engine and drive train.

I think the one thing that we were missing on our bus was the inability to run anything on AC while we were boondocked. Being a 1996, the only thing we have is a converter to charge the DC batteries. I think putting in an inverter charger to at least power an outlet or two is in the plans for this year. Not sure if we will go so far as putting any solar panels on the bus at this time, but it is an option I am definitely considering. Not having to run the generator to charge up the batteries all the time would be a plus when we are boondocking.

The real enjoyment comes from starting to plan out our vacation time or extended weekends to take advantage of as many opportunities as possible to travel. We will certainly be reviewing our Harvest Hosts sites for opportunities. You can be a member by clicking here and save 10% on your membership. A few State parks and perhaps another National Park or two will fill out our weekends. And of course, Bonnaroo will be the center of our vacation season. If you are interested in tickets just message me and I can send you a link for what you need. And of course if you are one of our closer friends, we may actually have room for you in the bus. Nothing better than air conditioning and electric power after a long day at Bonnaroo.

Start planning for another great year of out of this world adventures. outofthisworldIt’s an amazing way to start your journey without having to leave the comfort of your house.

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