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The New Year is a time of resolutions for some. The gyms are going to be busier in the next month than at any other time during the year. Diet plans will get a surge of new members. Bars and restaurants will see a slight decline in their revenue for a few weeks. Travel websites are going to get hit with new users for a month or two. And most will be struggling to get out of debt from the holidays. It seems like it is the same pattern for much of America, year after year. Resolutions are made, then broken and we return to our same patterns over time. Our resolutions are predictable and our behavior does not change. Changing behavior is a real struggle for most. Sometimes it takes friends and family to help each other through the difficult path of change.

Well over a year ago I started this blog. I’m not sure what my intentions were at first other than I wanted to try to exercise a different part of my brain. I had hoped to fulfill a creative urge but my posts were infrequent. It was just after the New Year one year ago that I had lunch with a friend and co-worker, Enid Cokinos and we discussed the blog. Enid is a talented writer and she challenged me to write regularly, set a deadline, and produce something on a regular basis. Nearly a week after that lunch, I let her know that I was prepared to make a commitment. Every week I would produce a blog post. I think she thought that might have been a bit too ambitious, I remember her saying every two weeks, or even every month would be a great start. I knew that spreading it out would make it easier for me to just procrastinate and finally put it all off. Every week would be a commitment to sit down, prepare a post and present it to whoever chose to read it. That was actually the more difficult part of the writing process, not the writing, but instead the publishing. Opening up to whoever may casually come upon the blog was more frightening than committing to writing weekly.

The concept of the Blue Moon Journey was to discuss  journeys through life, which included travel and adventure but was really more about personal journeys. We didn’t have an RV at the time I started the blog so it was not really designed as a RV travel blog. I really saw the blog as a part of a creative outlet that would include the blog for personal journeys, the YouTube channel for travel journeys and how-to advice on travel, and a third part that has yet to be realized which would be a podcast that reflects on the personal journeys every day people have made through life. Perhaps rather than a resolution I need someone to inspire me to fulfill that third piece of the puzzle.

Our journey through life isn’t about thoughts and dreams, it is about action and our actions lead to our destiny. Become the life you want to lead. Gandhi once said, and I believe this is a fitting tribute to eliminating resolutions and actually changing behavior:

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”

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