Bonnaroo 2019

The Bonnaroo lineup just dropped and Reddit is filled with conversations about it; ” This is one of the better line ups in the previous 4 years,” “This lineup is kind of bonkers,” and the extended conversation, “Putting Phish into Perspective for non-phans.” For a few more weeks people will be stressing about who is or isn’t on the playlist and question whether or not a certain individual or group will make a late night appearance in the SuperJam or on the Kalliope stage. Then life will settle down as everyone realizes they will be heading back to the farm in just a few months.

When it comes right down to it, it is not as much about the individual performers you hope to see, it is really about the exploration of music that is going to take place over the next few months. That Thursday evening band that you almost missed may become one of your new favorites after you see them live. Start your exploration by listening to Spotify Bonnaroo 2019 Lineup Mixtape and begin to experience your new favorite performers. Bonnaroo does an amazing job of extending the experience beyond just the four days on the farm. The community that is formed via a wide variety of social media brings people together to share the experience throughout the year.

The farm is a magical place. The thought of being back on the farm with friends, meeting new friends, and sharing positive experiences across all 700 acres will be the focus of everyone’s thoughts and planning in the next few months. The magic doesn’t just begin when you step foot on the farm, it is a part of everyone that embraces the Bonnaroovian Code and continues to Radiate Positivity throughout the entire year. Remember, Stay True Roo.


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