Become like a child…

As we age, our interests change throughout our life. As a child, we may be focused on activities and games that sometimes we just grow out of. I’m pretty sure there aren’t too many adults getting together for a night of playing Chutes and Ladders. But there are other activities that follow us into adulthood. Perhaps as we age, we no longer participate in our favorite sport, but we continue to maintain an interest, go to a game every now and again, or continue as a die hard fan of our favorite sport for life. As we grow up, our tastes also change and food and drink that we never thought we would enjoy, become one of our favorites. img_3692As a child your first experience with coffee is never quite the same as your current addiction to that enticing java juice you consume daily. Perhaps you had to add a few extra sugars or extra creamer to make the taste palatable, but as you age, the deep, dark flavor of coffee is what you crave. Sometimes it isn’t even the flavor that gets us motivated, it may be the environment or experiences surrounding our habits.

Our friends also continue to change over time. Friends can grow out of our connection to certain activities or interest at various times throughout our life. Sometimes friendships are maintained beyond our interest, and other times they fade, just as our interest in a particular activity fades away. Friendships are like two boats on rolling waves that have high points and low points, sometimes those boats are in sync and connected, other times they they drift out of sight. Friendships and families are both like that, always connected, but not always in sync.

Life is ever changing, and we have to be prepared to accept many variations in our life. Connections to families and friends will come and go, but you have to be willing to reconnect, willing to see past your differences, and accept that as people grow – they change. Be like a child, approaching every day as a new day, accepting that tomorrow will be filled with new challenges. Just add a little sugar and it will all taste a bit better.

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