Why do I do this to myself…

Well, it’s going to be the coldest few days for the Midwest in almost two or three decades and I just can’t stop thinking about spring. Not just spring for the sake of the warmer weather and blooming flowers, but instead for the adventures that will begin anothertemperature year of memories. We started out last year with our purchase of the “new to us” RV, fondly known as Stevie early in our adventures, and later referred to as Stevie The Wonder Bus by those who had the opportunity to camp with us. She was purchased for the sole reason of getting us to Bonnaroo last year. Bonnaroo was going to be the height of our adventures for the summer, but the summer never seemed to end. What started as a summer to remember, became a year to remember. Stevie got us to the far stretches of Indiana, then beyond that to Kentucky and Tennessee multiple times, and later in the year to Austin, Texas. She never failed to provide us safe, reliable transportation and always provided a comfortable home base for all our adventures.

I have a bit of a competitive streak and making this an even better year of journeys to new and different locations is at the top of my list of things to do. That’s the task that is most difficult, planning for those new adventures. We will certainly be going to Bonnaroo again this year. I’m pretty sure we will be involved with that event for many years to come. I always looked down at people that did the same old thing every spring break, head down to Florida to the same condo each year, go to the same bars along the coast, and eat at the same restaurants year after year. But I think I now understand, it’s not just the location, it is the comfort level that comes with knowing a location, understanding what to expect from the area, and meeting new people. I think it’s the same concept for Bonnaroo. The first year was a challenge getting to know where to go, and just sorting through the process. I’m sure we missed many activities and I know we have new explorations ahead of us this year. There is a bit of comfort in knowing what to expect.

The problem is, not all journeys are about comfort. Exploration takes us out of our comfort zone. Finding unique activities, experiencing new locations, or just finding our way along an unfamiliar path provides a level of stimulation that enhances the total experience. We could just hit reset and have another great year doing what we did last year, or we could have more and more unique experiences. So, that is where my head is right now, trying to find unique experiences that are affordable and within reach of our home base in central Indiana.

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