Last chance!

At the end of this day we will officially be beyond the two-day shipping window for most Amazon products. That means if we don't have it when we leave, we will live without it. What it really means is that our vacation is quickly approaching. The excitement is building, the camper is getting packed, and... Continue Reading →

Excitement builds!

Bonnaroo package just arrived and the excitement is building. Inside each of the fanny packs was our wristband and bandanna along with all the assorted entry passes and receipts. Just two weeks away for Bonnaroo, but our trip actually starts in just over one week. Meal planning, shopping, clothing choices and packing are all just... Continue Reading →

Holy cow! It happened again

I think I'm going to need to start using a pencil for all our plans. The arrangements for our first excursion were just a bit messed up with the March snow and a quick trip to the hospital for my father, which delayed our trip by a few more days after the snow melted. We... Continue Reading →

What’s ROO?

The official Bonnaroo schedule is out and the excitement is building as time passes along. I hate to wish my life away, but I am anxious to experience the ROO. We're still in the "Prepare Thy Self" portion of the Bonnaroovian Code. The planned short trips in Stevie are just part of that preparation. Those... Continue Reading →

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood…

There was always something quite comforting about Mister Rogers. His calm demeanor, his ability to expand the inquisitiveness of children, and his understanding of children's fears of their unknown world was a comfort to many who watched his show over the 30 years of production. I remember the summer mornings watching Mister Rogers with my... Continue Reading →

YouTube Journey

What is it about a journey that excites you? Is it the planning, the preparation, or the experience? In my case, the planning and preparation are just as enjoyable as the experience itself. It can sometimes take months to plan a journey. Savoring the excitement of each day of planning and preparation is critical, because... Continue Reading →


We planned to leave for our first excursion with Stevie on Saturday but 6 inches of snow put a bit of a damper on that plan. Worked Sunday morning with the snow melting, hoping to get out by late afternoon. A few minutes from planning to move the bus to a location closer to water... Continue Reading →

Everything is Awesome!

Regardless of how much planning goes into a trip, there is one thing you can't control...the weather. This weekend is supposed to be our maiden voyage in Stevie but the weather just seems to be a sticking point at this time. We are closely watching the weather and trying to decide what we will do.... Continue Reading →

Progress toward our first trip

It feels so refreshing when you start to make progress toward your goal. Over the weekend we started to add our personal touches to Stevie as we realized that our first trip is less than a month away. Stevie received a deep cleaning of her interior and some new parts and pieces along the way.... Continue Reading →

Ready…or Not?

Imagine that first hot day of Spring day walking along the beach at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. The sun is warming the sand as the day progresses. Walking in your bare feet, the heat from the sand is evident with each step. The breeze that drifts across you is a mixture of the sand's warmth... Continue Reading →

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